About Me

Hi there! My name is Kim Old and I am an independant graphic designer based in Victoria BC. I am passionate about my work and enjoy helping small businesses develop their brand—in particular I enjoy contributing to projects that help build a healthier community in some way.


My background in design started over 10 years ago with formal training in the visual arts, giving me the foundation to jump into the design world. Since then I have worked in a variety of positions (from agency and web design work to non-profit and educational marketing) and gained experience with clients from a wide range industries. Logo and identity design has grown to become my passion, along with illustration work.


It is important for me to choose projects that resonate with me in one way or another and am conscious of the impact design can make in on world. In particular I like to get involved with projects that help build a healthier community in some way—whether it is raising awareness of an important message or event, helping a local business with a great product or service, or working with social and environmental groups to create more impact.

When I’m not working…

When I get a chance to sneak away from work for a bit I am often out getting some much needed nature time…off on an adventure hiking, backpacking or cycling around Vancouver Island.  I am grateful to be surrounded by an abundance of wilderness where I live and often find it to be a great source of inspiration for me in my work.

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