I offer a range of design services spanning both print and web. In addition to my design work I collaborate with a network of contractors for support in areas such as photography, copywriting and web development to ensure projects are managed consistently and things run smoothly from start to finish.

Branding & Logo Design

Building amazing brands is something I am very passionate about and I work with clients at all stages—whether it is jumping in to help with a brand refresh or re-design or starting from the ground up.

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Custom illustration can add character and authenticity to almost any piece—from a unique icon set on a website, to an organic hand drawn element on brochure. I help clients build supporting illustrated elements and even incorporate them into part of a branding plan or campaign to add depth and detail to the overall design.

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Web design and online marketing is crucial for most businesses and the technology and trends change at a rapid pace. Because of this I work closely with a team of web developers for their expertise to ensure things function beautifully behind the scenes—creating sites that are aesthetically engaging and intuitively designed.

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My original background is in print design and I have worked on pieces spanning all levels of size and complexity. I believe a beautiful printed piece can make a strong statement and can be a great investment. Getting creative in this area can make all the difference and I can help with all the details—from sourcing the right paper stock to advising on unique finishing options (embossing, varnishes, inks and die-cutting).

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