Design Process

Having a proper design process to guide the way can make all the difference, and the organic nature of the creative process must also be met with equal amount of strategy and planning to make things a success. I believe in working one-on-one with clients from the beginning, to help educate and guide through the various phases and uncover the core ideas and messaging that pave the way to authentic and unique design solutions.


Great design starts by understanding the problem and asking the right questions. The first step involves finding out as much as I can about the goals, background, audience, project expectations and outcomes. I will meet with you to discuss all the details and formulate a design brief which will act as a reference throughout the project. Then I begin to research and distill this information down into key elements and objectives for concept development.


Concept development begins with getting out the sketchbook and brainstorming—creating a visual train of thought and generating as many ideas as I can. This is the real creative part of the process and I usually dedicate a good portion of my time to it—keeping open to all ideas at the start and leaving the process uncensored and purely creative. After this I start to narrow down on the best ideas which go on to further development into final concepts.


After the concepts have been narrowed down (usually 3-4 of the best ideas) I will meet to present the work and explain the ideas and process behind each design. I gather initial impressions on the work and then usually recommend clients take some time to think things over before giving final feedback. It is important not to rush this step and sometimes it helps to go back to the design brief at this point as a check-in to make sure the original goals and outcomes are matched.


Once a final decision has been made in terms of a concept and design it is on to the final step which involves fine-tuning and refinement. Things such as colour, type and image variations are taken into consideration and adjusted as needed to get things just right. I also check in with suppliers to make sure work is on track (such as checking final print proofs and ensuring quality and consistency across all deliverables). Having a plan to carry the new design forward (if it is a new logo or branding project) is also an important final step and I work with clients at this stage to create a final graphic standards/brand guidelines document to keep messaging and design consistent across all mediums.